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  1. Know truth, be the truth.
  2. Strengthen your position.
  3. See the best in others.
    Their good qualities.
  4. Have unwavering love and lube.
  5. Trust, let go and believe.
  6. Come from the situation.
    Future, Everything, Top, Far, Big, Long, Slow, Good, High, Cold, Chrome...
  7. Direct yourself.
    Upside down mirror.
  8. Contortion.
    Stretching, twisting, snapping, reversed diving, inside out; by the fourth dimension, which makes it possible to go into the third dimensions sources.
  9. Search the destination.
    Death Metal: https://youtu.be/ugnyM69LN54?t=189
    Distortion: https://youtu.be/tONF9OSUOSw?t=430
  10. Void.
    Is what we become.
  11. Portal.
    Allow us to be one.


Mirrored portal, all we've done

I want to fly but I have to be with you
Thunder over me but you know what I can take
I'll try my best no promises
It doesn't make sense but I trust you