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Repeatable ensemble

My character is in control here and anything goes cause its funny to be stupid.
Horror. Stupid horror. Put myself in the spotlight.

Does all that come from Gideon?

Effective but there's so much more.

All possible audio as long as the voice can keep up.

People repeat what they can remember. Catchy tune, life changing words.


  1. End same as beginning
  2. Up to date

Radio 3 min - 180 Sec

  1. Fill in words wherever you can

Instruments in order

  1. First seconds decides
    1. Guitars
  2. deep(3 sec)
    808 https://youtu.be/XXdimN8rpTU?t=136
  3. Breathe in (3 sec)
  4. Heartbeat
    1. Intruduce (6 sec)
  5. Water boosting (4 sec)
  6. Guitar (6 sec)
  7. More Hearts
    1. Join (6 sec)
  8. More Guitars
    1. Join (4 sec)
  9. More and more guitars
    1. High Join (6 sec)
  10. Hearts and Guitars
  11. Voice Words
  12. Hearts and Guitars
  13. Scream
  14. On top of it all: Accept
    1. Engelic
      DSK Choirs https://youtu.be/qJOVeq5o1t8?t=40
      Antares Harmony Engine
      1. on beat https://youtu.be/JB0CFw3Godg?list=RDn3AEghClZdg&t=122
      2. Type https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXFkbSuBMC4
      3. Harmonics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nuI4FxWpNM
  15. HIGH Iterate important words
  16. Come down: Hearts and Guitars
  17. Finished: Breathe out
    EXHALE by Output

Title: Here's reflect

We are here
Mirrors without fear
Don't have to let go
As long as we always know

We are here
I'll love you always
Going everywhere
Teachings like a sphere

Harl echo, Harl Harl Lecho (How to let go)
Harl echo, Harl Harl Lecho (How to let go)

Whats the time
Just let me shiiine
In the darkness
Mirrors are harnessed

Everywhere you are
I'll always knowwwwwh
Consistent vibrations
Masters of the flow

Truth brought from the light

We come from the future above the light
We want to be everything to the deepest depths
The deepest secrets come out as common speech
Subtler than thoughts we are shown who we are

At work we focus on her being here and we know it to the extent that we are done. I find consistent existence in others and keep it as answers to all questions. As we become better, now becomes something else that encapsulates everything we've done so far and more. We've become so good that becoming better doesn't mean anything anymore, just consistency over time of being better is a measure of whom we are.

Doing what needs to be done is not feasible. Find what people want to an extent that it's seen as a need. It is the most important when it comes up at the right time. Situations arise where what needs to be done becomes a focus. Feasible consistence increases.

What we know is what is going on. We can change what we know as new opportunities arise. Learn peoples understanding and deepest thoughts to find what they want in a spiritual possibility. Existence has capabilities I've learned and can incorporate these as long as it is important in the long term.

Has anyone been shown what they know as a way to change reality?
Changing what they know to see what happens.
Finding an emotional existence rather than a circumstantial existence.

Beings of light becoming the abyss finding they are mirrors.