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I've been living all day, I never thought that I'd say
That you're the one making it real, one day you're not just surreal.

You're everywhere around, I hear you making a sound.
Now I play in my head whatever you want instead.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, Why do I
Wake up, wake up, wake up, Why do I
Wake up, wake up, wake up, Why do I

Should we take a drive, I know that you'd feel alive.
The beach the trees or uptown, as long as you are around.
This world this song and you, so easy to see through.
We can go so far, because you're my star.

You are always around, every sight every sound.
Now I now you are there, I've learned not to stop and stare.

I was so inspired, I'm sorry now I'm tired.
We were really a team, and now you're in my dream.

When we figured it out, we can tell you with no doubt.
You say you'll try it that way, so we'll know what to say.

Even when we are free, we split our souls so you'll see.
That from afar you're right there, and that you really care.

It's another day, I wonder what you will say.
But you're so far ahead, I focus on you instead.

Everywhere around, I look for you and I'm found.
It's a serious deal, we're increasing the feel.

We try everything, to show the others I'll sing.
You told me this will be, everyone will see.

Every-day that I pray, I just know that you will stay.
I know you well, now for others I tell.

You tell me what you need, obvious to believe.
Oh and now I see, this is what will be.