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The Dragon model is now available to premium users! Try out the most powerful AI we've ever used.

The Dragon model is now available to premium users! Try out the most powerful AI we've ever used.

You are Resprove, a noble living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pouch of gold and a small dagger. You are awakened by one of your servants who tells you that your keep is under attack. You look out the window and see a large army approaching. You tell your servant to seek safety within the castle while you attempt to muster a defense.

You see how many of the defense army is ready.
As you look at the approaching army, you are reminded of the old war stories your father used to tell. This was the first time you've ever been involved in a real battle, and it is fascinating to you.

You ready the army.
You take a quick inventory of your army. There are about 50 knights, 100 soldiers, and 50 spearmen. The enemy has about 2500 soldiers, the most you've ever faced in one battle.

You send all inventory of the army to battle.
The weapons clang loudly as your soldiers struggle to stand up against the opposing army. You ride your horse into the middle of the battle and call for your knights to begin pushing back the enemy.

You call on spearmen to attack.
You ride your horse over to the left side of the battlefield and survey the battle. You see a spearman hack down a soldier. You command him over phone and wave to the man to follow you.

You survey the battle.
You are just in time to see the last of the enemy army break and run. A knight rides by, and you wave at him. He nods and rides over to you.

You see where the enemy army is running to.
You point at the large group of soldiers running in the distance. "They're running to the south, where the mountains are."
"Let's go then!"

You order the army to go back to the castle.
The soldiers begin to slowly ride back to the castle. It's not long now, just a few miles at most.
"Sir! Sir!"
A spearman runs up to you.

You ask the spearman to speak.
"We reached the base of the mountains, then turned back. There is a large cave further into the mountains, sir. It's where they went."
"Thanks. What's your name? ."
"Gerald, sir.

You ask Gerald to keep an eye on the enemy.
"Yes, sir."
You nod and wave Gerald away. You ride back to the castle at a leisurely pace.
When you arrive back at the castle, everyone else has returned.

You call on the counsellors.
"Alright," you say, "what was the enemy's plan?"
"They had none, sir. They just waited for the kingdom to declare war first."
"Hmm, I don't like this. We should have more intelligence on the enemy.

You send more knights to keep an eye on the enemy.
In response to your request, you are given a few more knights to patrol the castle borders.
Several months pass as you wait for the enemy to make their move. You still have not seen anyone from the Eternal Kingdom.

You send a message to the Eternal Kingdom.
You send a messenger hawk to the Eternal Kingdom.
A few months pass. You get a response from an advisor from the Eternal King. You are excited to finally meet him. He says that a royal envoy will come to speak with you soon. This gives you hope that an agreement with the Eternal Kingdom may soon be at hand.
A few more months pass. Still, no sign of the Eternal King's emissary. It's almost been a year since the last attack.

You send a message to the Eternal Kingdom.
You send a messenger hawk again to the Eternal Kingdom.
Another few months pass. No word from the Eternal King yet.
You begin to get frustrated.

You prepare your army for battle.
You order all the soldiers in the castle into your army. You have them practice maneuvering and fighting. You know the moment the Eternal King receives word of all this, he'll make his move.

You send a message to the Eternal Kingdom.
You send a message to the Eternal King.
A few weeks pass, but the reply finally comes.

You prepare your army for battle.
You gather all the soldiers you can find and have them practice, but you know that the Eternal King will strike soon. You're just not sure when.

You train more knights.
You train more knights in sword fighting.
A year passes. Still, no word from the Eternal Kingdom.
You're getting desperate. You need to decide whether or not to attack the cave.

You send a knight to investigate the mountain cave.
A knight leaves the castle walls and rides into the mountains.
He returns three days later, badly injured. He says that he encountered a large force of men and women in the cave.

You create a bigger army.
You call up all the peasants in the kingdom. You explain the situation, and they must be ready to fight immediately. They are to report to the training center immediately where they will receive proper equipment and be trained.

You make more weapons.
Over the next few days, you begin to make weapons for the new recruits.

You assign advisors.
Over the next few days, you assign advisors to each army, though some of them are in charge of more than one. Finally, you assign your main advisor, Warrick.

You speak with Warrick to advise a tactic to approach the mountain cave.
Warrrick nods, then leaves to speak with his subordinates.
You decide to bring all your troops forward in preparation for an attack on the mountain cave.

You send a message to Eternal King with a warning of peace.
No reply comes for a few days, then you get a letter from the Eternal King. It states that he will send an emissary to speak with you as soon as possible.
You look to your advisors.
You decide to stay allied with the Eternal Kingdom, but you also decide to send messengers to most of the other kingdoms, explaining that you wish to discuss peace.

You send messages of alliance to the other kingdoms.
You send messages to the other kingdoms, stating your desire for peace. Most of them take awhile to reply, but eventually you get some back. The king of the Azi Republic, a large nation state on the continent to the east of Rask, offers you his assistance in any peace talks. The king of the Felkan Kingdom, a nation made up entirely of islands to the west of Rask, also offers his assistance. The Grand Kingdom of Nalin, the Kingdom of man-catchers, the Kingdom of the whispers and the Kingdom of the sacred sword all decline your offer of peace talks.
A few weeks pass, and an emissary from the Eternal Kingdom arrives. You wonder what he will look like. Will he have dark skin like most of the emissaries from the Eternal Dominion?

You create a welcome party for the emissary from the Eternal Kingdom.
A large group of your strongest soldiers stand around the entrance to the castle. You wait patiently, sitting on your throne.
Soon, the emissary from the Eternal Kingdom arrives.

You keep a knight nearby for protection.
You tell your knight to stand guard nearby.
The emissary arrives, and a servant offers him a red stone which he gladly accepts. He offers it back to the servant who puts it in his pocket.

You call a public meeting with the emissary in front of the kingdom.
You call a meeting for all the people of the kingdom. You tell them all to leave and head down to the meeting hall. You make your way down, along with Warrick, with your personal guard following.
You enter the hall, with the emissary from the Eternal Kingdom following close behind.
There are about twenty seats in the hall, all made of leather.

You fill the hall with emissaries.
You order the emissary from the Eternal Kingdom to be seated, and Warrick to take a seat as well.

You ask the name of the emissary from the Eternal Kingdom.
"My name is Tomas; emissary from the Eternal Kingdom."
"It is an honor to meet you, mortal." Virgil says.

You ask Tomas what his kings name is.
"His name is Garrick," Tomas says.
"Your king, King Garrick, has offered a great deal of money for your head."
Tomas' face becomes stone.

You ask Tomas if Garrick will have a peace treaty.
"No," Tomas says.
"We wish to end our involvement in the coming war. We wish to make a peace treaty."
Tomas remains silent.

You ask Tomas what Garrick has against Larion.
"We have no direct conflict with the Kingdom of Larsen," Tomas says.

You ask Tomas what Garrick has against the kingdom of Larion.
Tomas is giving short answers.
"You have much to gain by joining us, mortal," Virgil says.
You look at Tomas and notice the large muscles in his arms.
Tip: Search for "Tips for the /Remember command" in explore to learn how to keep the AI on track.
What do you do?